Skin Type 101

I always tell my clients that the route to getting beautiful makeup is great skin. The first step to looking after your skin is knowing your skin type so you can buy the appropriate products. So I have listen all the skin types and their characteristics below to help you identify you skin type is.

Normal Skin
  • Neither Oily nor dry
  • Blemish free
  • Fresh, healthy appearance
  • Not many specific problems
  • Little to no fine lines
  • Firm with a good muscle tone
  • Smooth texture
  • No visible pores
Combination Skin
  • The pattern of oily and dry areas can change from time to time, owing to environmental factors, age, hormones, diet,medication so the skin care needs to be adjusted accordingly 
  • Oily T-Zone
  • Visible blemishes on the T-Zone
  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the area
  • Slight flakiness and redness on the cheek area
  • Complexion can seem dull and lifeless
Dry skin
  •  Dryness increases with age
  • Skin feels gaur immediately after face has been washed
  • Skin feels rough and slightly flaky
  • Noticeable fine lines and wrinkles
  • There are small pores and skin is quite matte in appearance
  • Skin is easily burned
Oily skin
  • Overly enthusiastic skin due to over active oil glands
  • Shiny in appearance
  • Makeup comes off quite easily
  • Enlarged pores
  • Skin may be coarse and thicker in texture
  • Blackheads, whiteheads and acne are common
I hope this helps you identify your skin type. You can also wash your face, let it air dry and then check for the listed characteristics.

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