Nails of the Weeks :Sparkly Nude

Fancied not so loud nails this week so opted for a nude pink with a sparkly glitter on one nail. 
L'oreal  'Macarron Noissette'

Sally Hansen 'Razzle Dazler'

How did your nails look this week? Share them with me on Instagram and hashtag #chrissysauranails 

Review: Colour Theory Lipticks

It's winter in Australia at the moment so you know you need some nice winter lipsticks. A vampy lippy is a staple for me when it comes to winter and it can just complete your look. Just a bold lip, mascara and a bit of colour on the cheeks will have you looking stunning. 

The lipsticks are by a brand called Colour Theory. They come in a  see through plastic tube, I do wish they came in a black tube but I guess this is actually better as you can see through the plastic if you have a huge lipstick collection. 

They are called 'Fun With Plum' and 'Mystique'. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and they last all day. Also, they are highly pigmented and leave your lips moisturised.

Here I am wearing 'Mystique'

These beauties are available exclusively at  Amcal Chemists Nationwide and for $6.

What are some of your staple winter lipsticks? Let me in the comments below 

*Disclaimer- Products were sent to me for reviewing purposes however the views shared are completely mine and honest. 

How I got my hair platinum blonde + Video

I did a blog post a last week about my new hair do and I thought I would  give you all an insight into the oh so easy  process I went through to get my hair this platinum blonde :)

Warning: Lots of pictures!

My hair was  dark black before the process began

I used the Innovative Creme developer and mixed it with Hi Lift bleaching powder.

Within minutes of applying the mixture to my hair, my scalp was burning. My head was on FIRE! I rinsed my hair and when I tell you the carrot top that I saw on top of my head was insane. I was so traumatised that I couldn't take a picture. I had read somewhere that after bleaching you hair, you need to use a toner to remove the unwanted yellow and gold tones.

So I used the Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Toner.

Here are the results from using the toner. I wasn't completely happy with the turn out but it was okay for now.

After a few days I said to myself let me combat this hair because now it was turning into this brass/copper/hell on earth type of colour! I went and bought the Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Cool Metallic Lightener.

This actually came with a set of products to mix and create the mixture before applying it to the hair.

So like I said after about 4 days my hair had gone to this copper/brown colour which looked terrible!

I applied the mixture from the Schwarzkorpf Cool Metallic Lightener and left it on for 30 minutes

I rinsed the hair and I looked like a wet poodle! Why me God?!

I applied the silver toning hair mask and left that on for 10-15 minutes.

I rinsed my hair and BABY!  I was happier than a pig in mud. I had finally achieved the colour I had seen on these ridiculous stunning girls on Pinterest.

Check out the video I did on YouTube about this as well :)


Review: Redwin Daily Soothing Hydration Hand Lotion

It's always good to have a moisturing hand cream  in your bag at all times. Our hands come in contact with so many external factors so we need to keep them protected  at all times. I discovered this little beaut when I was actually doing some food shopping in Coles and somehow I ended up on the beauty and makeup section *shocked face* How did that happen ha!

It's the Redwin Daily Soothing Hydration with Vitamin E and Primrose Oil. It keeps your hands hydrated for hours on end.  You can get it from Coles or Priceline for $5.

What hand cream do you keep in your bag?

Face Of The Day : Smoked Pink

This was actually meant to be a makeup tutorial but clever clogs here forgot to actually press 'record'. I wasn't going anywhere today and I just felt like getting dolled up. Someone on Instagram asked me if I airbrush or photoshop my images and the answer is no, for all my makeup images I dont airbrush because I want my readers to see the raw image  and results of any products I would have used.

The following are the products used:

Mary Kay Timewise Foundation  Bronze 5
Mary Kay Transluscent Powder
Jouer Highlighter
Maybeline Blush
Mary Kay Eyebrow Pencil Brown
Mary Kay Concealer Bronze 2

Crown Brush Smokey Eye Pallette
Essence I love Extreme Lashes Mascara Black
Essence Eyeliner Black
The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

Sleek Lipliner Chesnut
Essence Lipstick Berry