How I got my hair platinum blonde + Video

I did a blog post a last week about my new hair do and I thought I would  give you all an insight into the oh so easy  process I went through to get my hair this platinum blonde :)

Warning: Lots of pictures!

My hair was  dark black before the process began

I used the Innovative Creme developer and mixed it with Hi Lift bleaching powder.

Within minutes of applying the mixture to my hair, my scalp was burning. My head was on FIRE! I rinsed my hair and when I tell you the carrot top that I saw on top of my head was insane. I was so traumatised that I couldn't take a picture. I had read somewhere that after bleaching you hair, you need to use a toner to remove the unwanted yellow and gold tones.

So I used the Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Toner.

Here are the results from using the toner. I wasn't completely happy with the turn out but it was okay for now.

After a few days I said to myself let me combat this hair because now it was turning into this brass/copper/hell on earth type of colour! I went and bought the Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde Cool Metallic Lightener.

This actually came with a set of products to mix and create the mixture before applying it to the hair.

So like I said after about 4 days my hair had gone to this copper/brown colour which looked terrible!

I applied the mixture from the Schwarzkorpf Cool Metallic Lightener and left it on for 30 minutes

I rinsed the hair and I looked like a wet poodle! Why me God?!

I applied the silver toning hair mask and left that on for 10-15 minutes.

I rinsed my hair and BABY!  I was happier than a pig in mud. I had finally achieved the colour I had seen on these ridiculous stunning girls on Pinterest.

Check out the video I did on YouTube about this as well :)


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