Cosmetic Company Claims - DECODED

''Dermatologically Tested''

''New Improved Formula''


I bet you have seen these phrases before? and these phrases have probably persuaded you to buy these products, haven't they? *Shakes head in pity* 

Unfortunately most of these claims don't mean a whole lot. The FDA doesn't regulate  what goes into cosmetics. Even though there are guidelines on labelling there isn't a review process. So it is our job to see through the jargon and get to really know what we putting on our faces. Some of these claims make us believe their product is the best thing since sliced bread. So lets starts decoding!

1. 'Dermatologically Tested'
The lie: they tell you that their product tested by a dermatologist and it was approved
The truth: this claim basically means nothing! Just because a dermatologist tested it doesn't mean they liked it. Another thing is we don't know what they where testing for, so really this claim means absolutely *expletive* 
The example: Selexir says 'all Selexir products are dermatologically tested and proven with no side effects' this is a semantic trick, and that phrase is meaningless.

2.Claims of Exclusivity
The lie: they tell you that 'only' their product can give you a certain benefit
The truth: unless you have a patented formulas, they are going to be using the same  formulas as everyone else in the industry
The example: BeautiControl says ''Only BeautiControl offers comprehensive, customized skin care that addresses what your skin needs and when it needs it'' well I have checked their products and they have the same ol' moisturiser, toners, cleansers etc. that every other cosmetic company offers. 

3.pH Balanced 
The lie: they tell you that their product is pH balanced
The truth:  what products are sold that are not pH Balanced? any decently formulated product will be made in a pH rage that is compatible with skin and hair.
The example: Simple products say 'Our facial wash is pH balanced so it works in harmony with your skin' blah blah blah

4.Magic Ingredient
The lie: they claim some fancy ingredient makes the product work
The truth: most of the time its the formula  not a single ingredient that makes the product work.
The example: Avon says claims one of their products is 'formulated with rejuvenating minerals of the dead sea' urm minerals don't rejuvenate skin, moisturising agents do

5. Boosts collagen performance
The lie: they tell their product will boost collagen performance in your skin
The truth: if the product actually did this it would be a mislabelled drug. Cosmetics are not supposed to have an impact on your skin metabolism 
The example: Natural Collagen Inventia says 'Our products have the ability to permanently renovate wrinkled epidermis and restore natural collagen production of the skin' -misleading buzzword central!

p.s This is just Volume 1, plenty of misleading claims in this good ol beauty industry of ours



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