Mary Kay 'True Dimensions' Lipstick

I have to say, about 5 years ago you would not have seen me using Mary Kay products. Mainly because back then their products weren't so great and yet over priced! However in the last 3 years I have seen an improvement in their makeup not so much their skin care. 

This is the 'True Dimensions' Lipstick in shade 'Mystic Plum'. 

What I love:
Long Lasting (worn for 9 hours)
A little goes a long way
The packaging is pretty and can double up as a little mirror
Its so moisturising, so it wont dry up your lips

What I hate:
The buying process, its not stocked in any shops so you have to find a Mary Kay consultant in your area to purchase from. Lucky for me my aunt in my consultant but I can see it can be annoying for some.

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