Review: The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask

This has been one of those products I've been meaning to review for a little while but kept forgetting to (covers eyes) During my time working at The Body Shop,I was introduced to the Warming Mineral Mask. At the time I was working in the city and I wanted a deep cleansing face mask to add to my skin care regimen so I thought I would try it. 
The Warming Mineral Mask comes in a plastic tube (as you can see in the pictures) and you get 100ml of the product.The main ingredient in  it is kaolin clay which  helps restore the skins natural balance and with the help of zeolite which causes the mask to warm up as it comes onto contact with the skin and draw out impurities. Unlike other clay masks that crack as they dry on the skin, this stays moist on the skin.
I applied a generous amount of the mask to my face for 5 minutes and washed it off using a warm flannel. My skin felt very fresh and soft, however I had a slight greyish look left on my skin as if I had put on some sunscreen.
If you are have skin that is prone to breakouts this might just be for you, its suitable for all skin types.

You can purchase the Warming Mineral Mask from The Body Shop UK for £10 & Australia for $28.95

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