Does Makeup With SPF Protect You From The Sun?

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Brands theses days are looking at ways of making their products multifunctional because they know the consumer is very busy and just want to simplify their already hectic lives. If you go to any drugstore there are  plenty of sunscreens on the market and next to them there will be a heap of  makeup products with SPF in it.

I ran out of my regular sunscreen earlier this week, so I went to my local drugstore to replace it. Once I got there I saw makeup that had SPF. I was about to get it and then I asked myself does makeup with SPF protect you as much as a sunscreen. So I left Priceline  to do my research (Thank you Baby Jesus for Google)

After my research on the internet, I had a regular appointment at the doctors. So I thought I would bombard him with my queries about SPF in makeup. I had already found out some substantial information on-line from reliable sources ( No, not Wikipedia) so I just needed my doctor to give me his two cents. So here is the deal with makeup with SPF:

Makeup with SPF  does actually protect you from the sun IF whatever that makeup product is, you apply it to your skin first after you have washed your face. Which raises a problem for me because if I purchase a foundation with SPF, there's a few products that I  apply to my skin before I  get to the foundation such as moisturiser, serum, primer, etc. 

So ye,s to actually get SPF from a foundation that has SPF you would need to apply it to your skin first after washing it and then slap on the moisturiser, serum, primer - say what now? 

I  think will stick to my regular sunscreen, thank you misleading makeup  brands!

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