Cracked China Cup Nail Decals

Since I stopped biting my nails  months ago, I have been  doing too much. I mean I have been biting my nails all my life and to now have nails to do something with! Mate, let me live innit lol

So I recently purchase some nail decals from one of my favourite blogs - Its by Leomie Anderson  a model signed to Premier in London. When she announced that she would be doing a collaboration with DIY Nails I was excited because I had seen her nail tutorials (she does some pretty dope nail art)

I purchased them a week before Christmas and got them yesterday, great delivery time considering it was the holiday season. I got the  Dollar Billz,Fishnet and Mini Newspaper Print. They cost £6 /$11AUD each  and delivery was only £7/$12AUD and it was first class! :)


Mini Newspaper Print 

Dollar Billz

On the back of the pack there are detailed instrction on how to use them and its very simple.
All you do is cut the nail decal to cover the nail, soak in water, peel the nail decal and lay it onto the nail and voila!

They don't look as neat as I would like them but hey practice makes perfect so I will get the dollar bills decals again and do them properly.

Have you tried these nails decals? What did you think? 

P.S follow leomie on Twitter she's hilarious! 

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